Highlights from Jenna’s last week in Ireland. On break from her Physical Therapy internship in Dublin, she ventured into the urban and rural wonders of The Emerald Isle.

(Left to right) 1. Crossing the Carrickarde Island rope bridge in Northern Ireland, with very sweaty hands and a racing heart! The view was worth it. 2. At the top of Carrickarde Island, where the view of Scotland is so clear! 3. Hiked 13 miles in Killarney National Park and finally reached our destination, the Torc Waterfall, after accidentally going off road and hiking up a mountain we didn’t plan. We came away with sore legs but great memories!


The National Botanic Gardens in Dublin have many exotic and colorful species of all sorts. A place of such serenity.






Giant’s Causeway is similar to an adult playground. You can climb on these perfectly hexagonal shaped rock structures created by Fionn the Irish giant.The Irish love their folk tales! For a more scientific reasoning, they were formed by volcanic explosion and then the cooling of the water.

Posted by World Endeavors on    August 8, 2017

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