Creating a new program is an exciting time at our organization — especially when the program provides a rare view into a rich artistic tradition like flamenco.

Setting out to capture the depth of flamenco dance and its eternal ties to Spain, we have built an immersive program that explores the art form, as well as the human relationships and community that keep flamenco alive and thriving in Andalusia. Our Destino Flamenco program is a one-time scheduled event from September 13-21, during La Bienal in Seville, which is Andalusia’s largest flamenco festival.

Learn from the Best

     Seville-based flamenco greats La Rhina and Javier Heredia will lead the group. These artists have lived, worked, and taught in Seville and will act as the faculty for this hands-on arts program. A special guest, American-based choreographer and Artistic Director of Zorongo Dance Theatre, Susana di Palma, will also participate in the program.

The Heart of Flamenco Country

We have created a dense offering of classes, excursions, tours, and activities during this festival week. Technical classes that delve into rhythms, palmas, and jaleos are juxtaposed with cultural activities like paella cooking lessons and excursions to more intimate flamenco events in the Gitano community.

The participants, experienced dancers or simply flamenco enthusiasts, will find the program a technical and cultural boot-camp without the pain unless you pack sub-par flamenco shoes, but we are pretty sure our team in Seville can help you out if need be!

Call the Program Coordinator, Mallory, at 612-729-3400 for more information. Applications are due May 18th, 2018.

Posted by World Endeavors on    March 16, 2018

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