This vibrant capital city is a fantastic place for anyone interested in volunteering, interning, or studying abroad, and each of its unique neighborhoods provide a fantastic backdrop to learn about Latin America history, language, and culture. Be sure to explore beyond your neighborhood and take in all that the city has to offer—every square inch of Buenos Aires is an experience in and of itself.


As one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, Palermo is full of young people, vibrant art, chic shops and restaurants, and numerous trendy bars and clubs. The art scene here is unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and museums such as the MALBA will show you Latin American art in a way you’ve never experienced it before. There are also many parks and picnic areas, and it is a fantastic area to go for a bike ride or enjoy the afternoon with friends, sipping mate tea and practicing your Spanish.


Buenos Aires is often called the “Paris of the South,” and the Recoleta neighborhood is the reason why. Recoleta’s Parisian architecture, picturesque outdoor cafes, and numerous bookstores evoke images of Paris in the nineteenth century, and as one of the most elegant areas in the city, it is sure to provide a myriad of beautiful views. Visit the famous Recoleta cemetery, wander through the weekend street markets, and pick up a copy of your favorite book (in Spanish!) at el Ateneo Grand Splendid, a massive theater-turned-bookstore.

San Telmo

If you are interested in exploring the real street life of Buenos Aires, San Telmo is the place for you. It is an incredible center of street art and antiques, and hosts the San Telmo Fair every Sunday where vendors can sell their antiques, handmade art and goods, and delicious street food. Try some choripan, churros, or any other tasty treats lining the walkway, and be sure to pick up a few souvenirs for your friends and family back home.

La Boca

When people think of Argentina, they think of Tango, colorful buildings, and soccer, and La Boca embodies just that. Not only is this neighborhood the home of la Bombonera, the lively stadium where club football team Boca Juniors plays, but it is also where you will find Caminito, an area of several blocks of brightly painted buildings, street performers, and artists selling their beautiful depictions of the colorful Buenos Aires. This area, while iconic, is often a tourist trap—but it is still a must-see for any visit to Buenos Aires.


Found on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, this trendy neighborhood is somewhat quieter than many of the neighborhoods found closer to the city center. It’s quiet streets and trendy shops are a fantastic place for an afternoon stroll. Belgrano is also home to Buenos Aires’ own Chinatown, which only takes up several blocks but feels like a world of its own. Walk through the archway, sample some Chinese-Argentine cuisine, and enjoy the festivities for the Chinese New Year if you’re in town!

Puerto Madero

Formerly a port built along the Rio de la Plata and constructed upon reclaimed land, this new neighborhood in Buenos Aires is unlike any of the rest. What it may lack in historical charm seen in other parts of the city, it makes up for modernity and peacefulness. Because it was built long after the city was already in full swing, architects were able to play around with new styles and work off of other Western city planning models, allowing for much more green space. It only takes a quick walk across the bridge to get to this lovely urban haven.


The Microcentro is the heart of Buenos Aires’ financial district, and spreads to Monserrat, Retiro, and San Nicolas. This center of history and commerce is home to the Casa Rosada (the Argentine equivalent of the US White House), the Obelisco, the central transportation hub for the city, and the offices for many international businesses. You can also wander down Florida Street, a walkway famous for its shopping and for the phrase “cambio cambio cambio,” as underground money-changers offer up their deals.

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