With the New Year upon us, we’ve been thinking about which resolutions we should make. Resolutions that really make a difference, not just in our lives but in the larger community of the world. So we’d like to challenge you to consider making a pledge to be a better global citizen in 2017! We are definite works-in-progress when it comes to being effective global citizens. But we are trying our best and feel so blessed to witness so many people embrace their role in the global community every year. Thank you for inviting us on your adventures and life-changing moments. So here’s the list of how we think we could make this better-global-citizen-thing happen:


  1. CONSERVE – Pay attention to things that matter to the health of the earth. Not sure what a pollinator is? Find out! Ever looked at your water consumption and wondered if you are using too much? Figure out a better way! Chances are you are paying attention to the media and have this one on your radar already, but there is always room for improvement! Learning how to take better care of the planet is an on-going challenge and a perfect way to improve your standing as a global citizen.


  1. OBSERVE – With social media, everyone gets to weigh in on anything they choose (case in point – this very article!). But don’t forget the fine art of being a good listener. That takes real practice, patience and restraint – all habits that shape our character. It also helps to be an experienced observer when you travel abroad. Slowing down and noticing (rather than judging) leads to so many useful discoveries and new empathy for fellow humans.


  1. LIGHTEN UP – It may seem like there is so much to be worried (or nervous, jittery, disappointed, and frustrated) about in 2017! But don’t despair – keep it light and keep laughing. Bring some measure of optimism with you wherever you travel. Health and healing come from a good sense of humor. You will have renewed energy to take on the challenges that you (and the world) are facing.


  1. USE YOUR VOICE – When it’s time to get things done, when change needs to happen, use your voice! Don’t wait for someone else to take up the banner – you might be the best person to advance a cause or speak out!


  1. BE OPEN- Open hearts can change the world. We think a great resolution is to examine our own expectations and calmly let go of the unhelpful ones. Open-minded people succeed so much better in new cultures and in their home communities too, actually.


What about you? Do you have a desire to be a good global citizen? And how are you going to get there? We hope we can help you get closer to this goal in 2017. We are always happy to join people on this worthwhile journey!

New Year's Resolution

Posted by World Endeavors on    December 29, 2016

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