EmpanadasSample Every Flavor of Empanadas

If you enjoy pizza-rolls at home, you will love empanadas, which are a South American delicacy. Small, dough-wrapped pockets stuffed with meat, cheese, or other tasty fillings, each country has their own twist on this staple food, but Argentina’s version definitely takes the cake! Some restaurants like to get creative–be sure to try the pumpkin flavor!

Explore the Markets

One aspect of South American life that is extremely prevalent in Buenos Aires is street markets. Found in almost every major neighborhood in the city, these eccentric gatherings draw handicraft sellers from all over and are a great way to wander the city. The top markets take place in San Telmo’s Plaza Dorrego, the Plaza Serrano in Palermo, and in the park near the Recoleta Cemetery. Bring your backpack and your bargaining skills because this is where you will want to pick up gifts for your friends and family at home!

Visit the Plaza de Mayo

This famous landmark has been a historical hub in Buenos Aires since the city’s early beginnings. It is the home of the Casa Rosada, the center of Argentina’s executive branch of government, and has always been a gathering center for the country’s very politically active population during protests and demonstrations. One of the most notable displays is the Abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo, a group of grandmothers who gather once a week in solidarity against events that occurred in Argentina in the 1980s.

MateDrink Mate with the Locals

“La vida dulce, el mate amargo,” as the locals say! Mate is a bitter loose leaf tea that is drunk out of a gourd through a filtered metal straw, and the practice of drinking it is a sacred cultural ritual that takes place at many different types of gatherings. Ask a local to explain the tradition to you before you take part because you won’t want to mess up the rotation!

Take a Tour of the Street Art

One of the traits that makes Buenos Aires such a vibrant city is its beautiful, well-curated, and often spontaneous street art. Explore the San Telmo neighborhood for inspiring historical tours in the form of extravagant images spread across the building walls, or take an afternoon trip to the busy Caminito or the quaint Calle Lanin to wander neighborhoods completely painted with bright colors and patterns. You never know what you will find in Buenos Aires!

View the City from the Palacio Barolo

Located in the Microcentro of Buenos Aires not far from the Plaza de Mayo is the Palacio Barolo, an extravagant building designed by Italian architect Mario Palanti. The building’s structure is based on the three levels of Dante’s Inferno–heaven, hell, and purgatory–and heaven is definitely seen from the very top of the building, which has a lookout that offers the best views of Buenos Aires from above. Take the elevator all the way up, and prepare yourself for an incredible panoramic view!

TangoGo to a Tango Show

If there is one thing that Buenos Aires is famous for around the world, it is the tango. This intimate dance is as romantic as it is entertaining, and a visit to Buenos Aires is not complete without spending an evening at a tango show or taking a dance class from one of the experienced local teachers. If participating in formal dance isn’t your thing, you are still sure to come across a live street performance of the tango while wandering around Caminito!

Visit the Modern Puerto Madero

Much of Buenos Aires is historic and borderline Parisian, but the city has a new modern side that has opened up to a new generation of Portenos and is now the home of many international businesses. Puerto Madero, built on reclaimed land along the Rio de la Plata, is sleek, streamlined, and a drastic change from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the city. Explore the area, and get a great view walking across the Puente de la Mujer, the iconic bridge that is a symbol of the neighborhood.

Attend a Partido de Futbol

If you purchase a futbol jersey in Buenos Aires, be careful where you wear it–the city’s futbol fans are like no other! The two most popular teams (arguably) are Boca Juniors and River Plate, and you will know when a partido de futbol is going on because there may be chaos in the streets. What better way to experience this incredible sports atmosphere than attend a game yourself? Buy a ticket for a match at La Boca stadium, be sure to wear blue and yellow, and prepare for a fantastic time!

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