Do you dream of studying abroad, but worry about the constraints of time or money?

Studying abroad for a whole semester isn’t for everyone, especially if you’re on a tight budget, or if leaving home for a long time isn’t your thing. But there’s good news — Summer Study programs are a great alternative! With a 3-5 week Summer Study program, you can reap the benefits of studying abroad without a major investment of money or time. World Endeavors programs start at just $4,590, provide outstanding cultural immersion and language instruction, and are just 3-5 weeks in length.

Here at World Endeavors, we believe that with good planning, anyone can study abroad. If you’re concerned about costs, don’t worry: we offer very affordable prices, and we’re experts at helping students use Financial Aid and Scholarships from their home university to pay for Study Abroad.

With 11 unique Summer Study locations with 6 different languages, there’s a place or everyone with World Endeavors. Check out highlights from 5 of our programs below, and contact a World Endeavors Adviser today to start planning!

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Argentina – Universidad Austral

Located in the cultural and economic hub of Rosario, this is a great program for anyone interested in business or agribusiness.

Application Deadline: May 1st

During this four week course, students visit Argentine companies in Rosario to complement class-based coursework and lectures, and participate in an agribusiness seminar at the end to synthesize their learning. In the evenings, you can enjoy street markets, dance clubs, world-class theater, or Argentina’s famous steaks.


  • Earn 6 credits from Universidad Austral
  • Live in student housing with classmates from around the world
  • Duration: 4 weeks (June 19th-July 23rd)
  • Cost: $4,590
  • Application Date: May 1st

France – Universite Catholique de l’Ouest

No better place in the summer than Angers, the “gateway to the Loire Valley.”

Application Date: May 1st

A concert outside the Chateau d’Angers. Image by Elodie Lesouard via Wikimedia Commons

Surrounded by vineyards and 9th-century castles, Angers is a great outpost for exploring the French countryside. It’s small enough to quickly feel like home, but large enough that you get the cosmopolitan feel of a French city. Students focus just on French courses, and stay with French host families, taking their language skills to the next level. Angers hosts a number of cultural festivals in the summer, too, making it a destination for young people looking to enjoy summertime together.


  • Academic transcript from Universite Catholique de l’Ouest
  • Home stay accommodations
  • Duration: 4 weeks (Sesson 1: July 2nd-28th, Session 2: August 7th-September 1st)
  • Cost: $4,590
  • Application Date: May 1st

Germany – Freie Universitat Berlin

There’s never a dull moment in Germany’s capital, a hub of European culture and commerce.

Application Date: April 1st or June 1st

Reichstag Building before sunset. Photo by Jurgen Mattern via Wikimedia Commons

Students at Freie Universitat have the choice of intensive German courses, courses in English, or a combination of both. English-based courses explore Berlin, German, and European culture. Lovers of architecture, engineering, international affairs, and art will find whole worlds to explore in Berlin, while studying at an outstanding German university.


  • Academic Transcript from Freie Universitat Berlin
  • Home stay accommodations with 2 meals/day
  • Cultural activities in Berlin
  • Duration: 5 weeks (Session 1: June 2nd-July 14th, Session 2: July 21st-August 18th)
  • Cost: $4,590
  • Application Deadline: April 1st for Session 1, June 1st for Session 2

Italy – Instituto Europo

Florence is the living legacy of the Italian Renaissance.

Application Date: March 1st or April 1st

Florence Duomo from Michelangelo Hill. Photo by Petar Milošević via Wikimedia Creative Commons

The home of Dante and famous sculptures and paintings by Michelangelo and Botticelli, Florence is the living legacy of the Italian Renaissance. Surrounded by sun-drenched Tuscan countryside, Florence is a stunning place to spend a few weeks in the summer. Students here study Italian during the week both in the classroom and on field trips, and have a selection of school-sponsored trips in and around Florence to choose from on the weekends.


  • Earn 6 transferable credits from a U.S. University
  • Shared apartment accommodations
  • Duration: 4 weeks (Session 2: June 25-July 20, Session 3: July 23-August 17)
  • Cost: $4,990
  • Application Deadline: March 1st for Session 2, April 1st for Session 3

Mexico – Universidad Internacional

The “City of Eternal Spring” is a modern city with a wealth of historic and cultural riches.

Application Dates: March 1st or April 1st

The city of Cuernavaca, founded by the Tlahuica people and known as the “City of Eternal Spring” for its lush year-round weather, is a a charming modern city with a wealth of historic and cultural riches. Students here take class from 8 am to 2 pm daily, with a mix of grammar, Latin American history and culture, and conversation class. Free enrichment classes are available in the afternoons for students looking for extra practice, and additional weekly sessions of topic-specific tutoring are also available. On the weekends, you can check out paintings by Freida Kahlo and Diego Rivera in the city’s museums, or head to nearby Xochicalco to see stunning Mayan ruins.


  • Earn 4 transferable credits
  • Home stay accommodations with 3 meals/day
  • Duration: June or July (dates not yet available)
  • Cost: $4,590
  • Application Deadline: June Session: March 1, July Session, April 1

Summer Study Application Deadlines

Argentina (Universidad Austral): May 1

England (Edge Hill University): Apr 15

France (Université Catholique de l’Ouest): May 1

Germany (Freie Universitat Berlin): Apr 1/June 1

Ireland (University of Limerick): Mar 15

Italy (Instituto Europo): Mar/Apr 1

Mexico (Universidad Internacional): Mar/Apr 1

Northern Ireland (Queens University Belfast): Mar 15

Scotland (Heriot-Watt University): Apr 1

Spain (Universidad Pablo de Olavide): Mar 15/Apr 15

Thailand (Thammasat University): Mar 15

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