To get a job, you need experience. But what if you don’t have it yet?

For students and young professionals, international internships are a great way to learn about an industry, establish a professional network, and build a resume. And even if you’ve already taken steps down a certain career path, an undergraduate internship can help you figure out if this path is the right one for you: according to this study, 81% of college students who did an internship changed their major or career focus because of it.

Internships are essential — and International Internships are even better. Here’s why:

1. Test Classroom Knowledge

Internships give you the chance to compare your classroom learning with real-world experience, either affirming or challenging what you’ve learned. This is even more true when you intern abroad in a society far different from your home culture. Odds are when you return to campus, you’ll have insights even your best professors can’t give you. 


2. Develop Intercultural Competence

Jaqi, Occupational Therapy Intern in Costa Rica

In our increasingly-interconnected world, intercultural competence — the ability to communicate effectively with people from different cultures — is a highly valued skill. More and more employers prioritize intercultural competence, and it will set you apart from other job applicants. Recent college graduate Jaquelynn says of her internship in Costa Rica, “I’m now confident in my ability to communicate with any and all patients back in the US.” How many recent college grads can say that? 

3. Make Travel Part of Your Job

Sam, Massage Therapy Intern in Thailand

Got a travel bug? An incurable case of wanderlust? A hunger to see as much of the world as you possibly can in one lifetime? Most people have to to fit that need into a job in their home country. Interning abroad can help you flip that formula, where work fits naturally into your need to travel. After completing a Massage Therapy internship in Thailand, Sam found a job in Australia. Her experience in Thailand helped her secure a work visa. “My internship abroad provided a lot of clarity about what I’m passionate for professionally, and I have a clearer idea of my career path,” she says. “But I also learned how to travel, and  how to reconcile a career with a passion for travel.” Why only travel on vacation, when it could be part of your job description?

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Posted by World Endeavors on    January 5, 2018

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World Endeavors believes that international travel has the power to change lives, broaden horizons, and deepen intercultural understanding. The world is undergoing rapid changes, with societies becoming more interconnected and environmentally aware; at the same time a more challenging global economy inspires in many a need to reach out and make a positive difference while seeking personal growth opportunities. There has never been a better time than now to travel abroad.